Fat Graft Training

Subject: Fat Grafting and Fat Transfer from Body to the Face

Entry criteria: This course is for medical professionals with a surgical background and experience with liposuction.

Training Course Overview:

The fat grafting course is for surgeons and doctors who are familiar with liposuction.

We will be using the nanofill and microfill systems for the extraction, centrifuge and re-inject the fat for facial rejuvenation.

This course includes hands on training with the patients provided for your practical workshop.

This course does not teach you liposuction. We teach facial rejuvenation using fat grafting. However you will be extracting the fat using liposuction during your course, hence why you will require this skill before attending this course.

Duration: 1 day.

Price: £1500 plus VAT

Dates: TBC

Overview Fat Grafting:

Fat grafting and the injection of the fat is a more invasive procedure than soft tissue fillers. Fat will usually be taken from the patients buttock or thigh by liposuction. The suctioned fat will be centrifuged and then administered to the areas of the face requiring treatment.

To register your interest in this course email info@kttraining.co.uk

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